alytus biennial 1  

International festival of experimental art
August 22-28, 2005








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Howard McCalebb ( USA )

Howard McCalebb makes Do Da Speach on Conjoined Icon / Edifice for Impromptu Theater
photo by Vytautas V. Stanionis


Artist's Statement

By Howard McCalebb


My sculpture installation Conjoined Icon / Edifice for Impromptu Theater .” examines the role of the contemporary monument. It is a large-scale interactive sculpture conceived as a platform for impromptu public performances.


This sculpture installation incorporates the idea of "shared space" and is accessible to all persons on a random basis. It is conceived to be sited in the public domain. The Conjoined Icon / Edifice for Impromptu Theater .” can be used to make speeches, recite poetry, perform Rap, do Break Dances, eat lunch, meditate, or simply used as a resting place. The utilization of this space will be free and totally negotiated by the public.


This installation concept seeks to engage audience members as individuals or as groups. The work intends to create a postmodern engagement, with homage to a multiplicity of cultural traditions and expressions. This project recognizes developments in contemporary art practices, and the dynamic flux of the contemporary world.


The world of today can be a place woven by the constant energy of old and new migratory networks that saturate the culture and surround people everywhere. Contemporary Lithuania for Alytus Biennial1 is at the great crossroads of world civilizations.


This artwork involves a combination of public space, sculpture, and architectonic design. “ Conjoined Icon / Edifice for Impromptu Theater ” will incorporate recent aesthetic developments in public art at this point in Lithuania's extraordinary cultural time line. My African-American heritage, along with the idea of expanding contemporary art within its diverse postmodern 21 st -Century reality, is an important influence within this concept. This idea pays homage to established oral traditions as well as past and recent street derivative cultural developments in the African-American community such as Doo Wop groups (Ocappella singing), and including Hip Hop developments such as Rap Music, and Break Dance.


My History as a Sculptor:

As a sculptor my art represents three decades of steady evolution. In my current work, which contains traces of my entire history as an artist, one can see a sculpture/architecture dialogue. My work began as the simple creation of independent objects and evolved through the 1970s with an interest in what was then called “Environmental Art,” which is now referred to as “Installation Art.” Today my sculptures can be viewed as autonomous objects, installation, and public scale works.


Although I would prefer to be recognized as an artist who defies categorization, failing that, one can refer to me as an “Analytical Constructionist,” considering that my art is primarily a response to extrinsic observations. This work, as is all my work, is configured within a matrix created from the Greek Golden Mean . It also builds on the awareness of modularity and relishes the interplay between rational systems and idiosyncratic expression.



Howard McCalebb



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